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Indian GP won't be a repeat of Commonwealths - Bernie

ESPNF1 Staff
September 23, 2010 « Heidfeld confident he will stay in F1 next year | »
The Indian Grand Prix should be ready on time according to Bernie Ecclestone © JPSK Sports Ltd
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Bernie Ecclestone insists next year's Indian Grand Prix will not go the same way as the Delhi Commonwealth Games and turn into a crisis.

Poor organisation has left the athletics event in turmoil just over a week ahead of the opening ceremony. There are security, disease and infrastructure concerns that have already caused some top athletes to pull out, amid the looming threat that the entire games might have to be called off.

India's inaugural F1 race is set to take place in Delhi but Ecclestone insists the team behind it is completely different and better organised.

"It's a different organisation altogether, completely different so I have no worries at all," he told PA. "The people who, as you say, are making a shambles, are not the people who are dealing with us for the race."

Ecclestone has a vision of a circuit with its own unique character in India.

"No one can repeat what Singapore and Abu Dhabi have managed," he said. "I wouldn't want anybody to copy that actually. I like to see each circuit and race with its own characteristics. The Indian Grand Prix is going to be grand."

He is set to visit the site after the Brazilian Grand Prix and said that he is expecting it to be slightly behind schedule due to heavy rain.

"The rains would've stopped by then [the post-Brazil trip]. Work has really suffered I heard."