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Vettel 'head and shoulders above' rest, says Moss

Fraser Masefield
December 9, 2010 « Nico Hulkenberg in talks with Force India | »

Sebastian Vettel is 'head and shoulders' above all of the other drivers currently on the Formula One grid.

That is the view of Sir Stirling Moss, who pinned his colours to his mast at the start of the 2010 season by putting his own money on the German to win the title. And despite there being no fewer than five world champions on next year's grid, there will again be only one winner in the eyes of the legendary racer.

"Last year I was very lucky, I put £50 each way on Vettel to win and it made me £430 so he's my flavour of the month!" said Moss at the BRDC awards. "It's pretty open although I must admit he's head and shoulders really above the others. He's only 23 and he's getting more and more track craft, as is Lewis, so I don't think it's going to be a runaway victory but I think it will be quite interesting.

"Ferrari did a terrific job until they threw it away at the end but having said that I think Vettel is that fast. Alonso's a very quick driver too but if I had to bet on anybody, I'd bet on Vettel."

As for seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, Moss thinks he has done the wrong thing to return to the sport and is only serving to destroy his legacy.

"The fact that he was a seven-time world champion ruins what world champions are about. First of all, he is flawed. We have seen that all over the place and we've never seen him at his best when he had a really good driver alongside him. We've never seen him in a Ferrari alongside a driver of similar calibre really.

"I don't think he regrets it [coming back] but I think he was ill advised, quite frankly. The most important contribution he made to our sport was to get Ferrari back up to the top and there's no doubt that was a tremendous thing to happen and was needed. The fact that he's carrying on this year is interesting but I don't think I'd be particularly worried if I was against him."