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Abu Dhabi not sure circuit changes are necessary

ESPNF1 Staff
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A lack of overtaking last year led organisers to consider making changes to the Yas Marina circuit layout © Getty Images

Organisers of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are reviewing their decision to tweak the Yas Marina track layout in order to increase the chances of overtaking.

Last year's season finale was so processional at the otherwise spectacular venue that the organisers had committed to making some changes. But the 2011 rules, including the 'DRS' overtaking system and the heavily degrading Pirelli tyres, have produced such exciting races so far that Abu Dhabi is going to review the need for changes.

"Definitely, the new regulations have made formula one more exciting, but we will be watching the next couple of races keenly to see how they unfold before making a decision," track boss Richard Cregan told The National. "We are looking at the circuit changes and will make a final decision in consultation with FIA and the various stakeholders at the end of this month.

"We need to question whether spending money on changing the track to improve overtaking is really necessary at this point in time when the issue has already been addressed by the FIA and the race teams - and the result has been absolutely phenomenal racing. Digging up the track even for minor changes is very expensive, so we need to make sure it is the right step forward and also the right time to close the circuit. To make alterations would result in a loss of revenue, so that must be considered, also."