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Abu Dhabi wants to keep Young Driver Test

ESPNF1 Staff
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The Yas Marina Circuit has hosted the test for the last two years © Sutton Images
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The head of the Yas Marina Circuit has said that it wants to retain the Young Driver Test in Abu Dhabi this year.

With Abu Dhabi's race coming a week after the Indian Grand Prix and the United States and Brazilian races following two weeks later there have been concerns that the Young Driver Test would put too much strain on the teams. It was held the week after the grand prix in 2011 despite the season not being over, but there are now reports that the teams could choose a different date and location for the test.

Yas Marina circuit boss Richard Cregan told The National that the circuit was ready to host the test and had set aside the dates but admitted he understands it may be too difficult for the teams.

"Whether they have the tests here in Abu Dhabi is a decision the teams themselves would need to make," Cregan said. "We have made provisions and blocked out the week after our race, but they have the freedom to change that.

"We would obviously be disappointed if Abu Dhabi didn't host the young drivers' test because it has become a part of our season, but I can understand the teams' concerns. It's a long season as it is and there are a lot of back-to-back races this year, so it's tough for them."