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Changes made to Monaco layout

ESPNF1 Staff
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Sergio Perez's heavy crash in qualifying has led to changes being made © Sutton Images
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The organisers of the Monaco Grand Prix have made a number of changes to the track following a heavy crash for Sergio Perez last year.

Perez crashed in qualifying on the exit of the tunnel, losing control of his car over the bumps under braking before slamming sideways in to a barrier installed at the following chicane. The concussion he sustained meant that he missed that race and the following one in Canada, and as a direct result L'Automobile Club de Monaco has addressed that part of the circuit.

The bumps in the track surface in the braking zone have been levelled out, while the Tecpro barrier that Perez hit has been moved back by 14.6 metres.

Other changes include the introduction of more Tecpro barriers at Ste Devote and the Swimming Pool complex, replacing tyre barriers, and the addition of high-grip track surfaces in some run-off areas.