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F1 must get America 'excited' - Kovalainen

Chris Medland November 12, 2012 « F1 mulls launch of American junior series | 'Who deserves it most will be champion' - Vettel »
Heikki Kovalainen: "It's just interesting to see how Formula One is going to survive [in America]" © Sutton Images
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Heikki Kovalainen says Formula One needs to get fans in America "excited" in order for the United States Grand Prix to be a success.

This weekend's race at the Circuit of the America's in Texas will be the first held in America since 2007 as Formula One attempts to re-establish itself following the failure of hosting a race at Indianapolis. Kovalainen told ESPN exclusively that he was looking forward to the race but felt the sport would need to appeal to the American fans better than it had previously.

"I think the circuit looks quite nice, I've driven it in the simulator and it looks quite nice," Kovalainen said. "It's good to go back - the American people are nice people - it's just interesting to see how Formula One is going to survive there. We need to try and get those people excited about Formula One; in the past they have not been so excited but if we've got a better show now we can do better."

Caterham goes in to the race in 11th in the constructors' championship behind Marussia, but despite the team not having been able to join the midfield this season Kovalainen insists he is not eager for the year to end in order to allow focus to completely switch to making that step with the 2013 car.

"You're just trying to maximise the car and work as well as you can and drive the car as well as you can. Whatever the position is, that's the main thing and I think I can be quite happy that I've never let it get to me even if the results have been frustrating. It could be difficult to handle for some people but I've never let it get to me, I've always kept 100% focused giving 100% to the team all the time. That's what you do, then when the season's finished that's when you focus for the next year but now - regardless of the situation - the focus is on the final races."