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Tilke predicts tough test for drivers

ESPN Staff
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Cyclists climb up the hill to the first corner of the Circuit of The Americas © Press Association
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Controversial track designer Hermann Tilke has told Autosport the Circuit of the Americas could prove to be one of the biggest challenges of the season for drivers and teams. Tilke, who has designed most of the new generation of circuits, has often been criticised for producing bland tracks which result in boring races.

"I think there are some real difficult parts of this track," Tilke told the magazine. "I expect in first practice the drivers will make many mistakes, but they are so good they will learn it quickly because they are the best in the world.

"The track goes up and down, and there is also one corner which is banked the wrong way. For the drivers it will be hard, it will be difficult to set up the car and it will be tough to keep the tyres running correctly too. That could mean there are more problems with the tyres, which will be good for the race."

The general view is that there are four clear overtaking zones on the circuit but until the cars have been out on track, Tilke preferred not to be drawn on what kind of spectacle will be produced.

"This year they had a lot of overtaking at Abu Dhabi, and there are opportunities to overtake here. In the end overtaking is only possible when a faster driver is behind a slower driver. If it is the opposite then overtaking is not possible.

"We have to see what the drivers will say about it. That first statement will be important, and hopefully it will be a positive one. But you never know how it works."