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Teams will struggle less in 2013 - Pirelli

ESPN Staff
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Paul Hembery believes the teams will find the tyres easier to work with this season © Sutton Images
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Pirelli's motorsport director Paul Hembery believes teams will struggle with the tyres less this season due to the stability in the technical regulations.

2012 saw seven different winners from the first seven races and lots of exciting on track action as teams and drivers struggled to get the Pirelli tyres to work properly. Getting the tyres up to temperature and then keeping them in the optimum temperature window was the biggest challenge but Hembery believes having stability in the regulations this season will help the teams despite more aggressive tyres.

"Because the cars are staying relatively stable, the teams are coming from a pretty solid platform in understanding what they are working with," Hembery told Autosport. "We are changing the structure of the tyres, changing all the four compounds and being more aggressive, and that will possibly create some challenges initially. But we don't foresee the issues that they had in 2012, when the car changes were so dramatic."

Hembery did admit, however, that the stability would allow Pirelli to make more aggressive compound choices throughout the season.

"The rules haven't changed, so we are not going to follow exactly the same format. We are trying to be more aggressive this season. There were some races where we were criticised - probably correctly, actually - that we were a little bit too conservative. And often when we are conservative it doesn't help the Q2 teams. It creates probably more issues for them because they are missing a little bit of downforce."