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 All the great champions who have driven for Ferrari have always been asked to put the interests of the team above their own   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo warns Fernando Alonso to keep his thoughts to himself in the future August 1, 2013

 It is somewhat perplexing to say the least to see that the guilty party can get away virtually scot free for having derived 'an unfair sporting advantage'   Ferrari's often acerbic Horse Whisperer column slams the FIA's 'punishment' of Mercedes June 23, 2013

 I have prepared better. I am better than last year. We have a better starting point and I have learned from some of the mistakes   Fernando Alonso looking ahead to the 2013 season March 9, 2013

 Every so often, Bernie likes to play the boss and gets involved in matters that don't concern him ... Godfathers no longer exist, at least not in F1   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo with another year-end dig at Bernie Ecclestone December 21, 2012

 Vettel is the rightful champion as he earned more points than anyone. It's plain for everyone to see   Fernando Alonso tries to defuse any tension between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari following the end of season flag controversy December 13, 2012

 Honestly, if this happens I will race with the gearbox broken   Felipe Massa makes clear that he would not tolerate another team-imposed grid penalty at his home race in Brazil November 24, 2012

 It's a very strange sport where you can gain an advantage by sabotaging a team member   Former world champion Damon Hill on Ferrari's decision to deliberately break the seal on Felipe Massa's gearbox to help Fernando Alonso's grid position at the US Grand Prix November 18, 2012

 Now we are fighting against Newey and at the moment we cannot match him   Fernando Alonso suggests he is fighting against Adrian Newey's design skills rather than Sebastian Vettel's driving skills October 27, 2012

 If I had to choose between Hamilton or Vettel, I would choose Raikkonen   Fernando Alonso jokes about which of his title rivals he thinks will give him the hardest time in the championship September 13, 2012

 I don't think it's good to race in July and August at 2pm when the people are in the sea or on vacation. Soccer plays at 6, 7, 8 o'clock   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo calls for a change in the way F1 operates, including shorter races September 8, 2012

 I felt as though I had been run into by a train ... the level of safety of these cars is very high and today we saw further proof of that    A relieved Fernando Alonso after escaping almost unscathed from a spectacular first-corner pile-up at Spa September 2, 2012

 His strong point is that, basically, he does not have weak points   Race engineer Andrea Stella on what makes Fernando Alonso so good July 17, 2012

 What do you want me to say? Nothing went right for me today   Speculation grows after another poor weekend for Felipe Massa June 24, 2012

 That's Formula One. That's the best thing we can say. It's unpredictable.    Fernando Alonso on coming from 11th on the grid to victory in Valencia June 24, 2012

 We cannot lose any more time: we need to tackle urgently and with determination the question of costs   Luca di Montezemolo has urged F1 to cut costs June 13, 2012

 We tossed the coin in the air and we waited to see the result and it didn't work   Fernando Alonso admits Ferrari took a risk on strategy at the Canadian Grand Prix, but says he has no regrets June 11, 2012

 Everyone must give their all. We must be perfect. Each one of us must secure pole position in our own jobs   Luca di Montezemolo makes working for Ferrari look like a breeze June 6, 2012

 We know that in practice and in qualifying we are much closer, we are fighting, we are together in some of the first corners, but then some factors make him always in some troubles, some incidents   Fernando Alonso on troubled team-mate Felipe Massa June 1, 2012

 In Italy there's a saying; 'He who goes slowly, goes well and goes far'. Well, that's what we are doing ... step by step we are getting closer   Fernando Alonso stays upbeat in Monaco May 26, 2012

 One lap here is worth a hundred at other places   Fernando Alonso praises the Mugello circuit after F1's three day in-season test May 4, 2012

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