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Ferrari rear wing banned by FIA

ESPNF1 Staff
May 21, 2011 « Two DRS zones in future | »
The rear wing was noticeably higher on the Ferrari © Sutton Images
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The FIA has banned Ferrari's new rear wing ahead of qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix.

Ferrari ran the updated wing during Friday's two practice sessions, and it was noticeable higher than the previous specification. Despite the wing being too high, Ferrari was exploiting a loophole in the rules regarding slot gap separators. FIA technical delegate Charlie Whiting had previously said that the scrutineers would be analysing the wing to work out if it was a legal solution.

"It's a very clever interpretation of the rules and we've got to decide whether we think it's a good interpretation of the rules," Whiting said.

As a result of the FIA deciding that the element was illegal, Ferrari has reverted to the previous rear wing it used in Turkey.