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Wind tunnel correlation hurting development - Ferrari

ESPN Staff
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Ferrari's track and wind tunnel figures are not matching up © Getty Images

Ferrari has admitted a correlation problem with its wind tunnel is affecting Fernando Alonso's title bid and that it will shut down the facility at some point in the future to improve it.

Ferrari has struggled to get the data from its wind tunnel to match up with the performance of new parts for some time and Domenicali says it has resulted in some updates not working as planned.

"I've seen above all in the second part of the season when we were trying to bring new updates on the car, that not all the updates were working on the track," he said. "So, we start to investigate a little bit better and we've found that was this issue, that going into the deep analysis of the reason, we understood, we considered it was coming from the tool [wind tunnel] that is… not obsolete but not really up to the speed of the new technologies that are available on the market. So, that was the reason why we are thinking to do that [update it], to make sure that at the least the percentage of the things that we bring at the track is higher than what we have now."

Domenicali said the tunnel is still open but that the team is analysing the situation to find out how long it will have to take it out of action for.

"First of all it's still open and we're working in our wind tunnel. As you know we are using another facility and in the next couple of weeks we will define what is the problem to be more specific than that, in order to see what's really the time we have to spend by shutting it down and trying to improve the things that are not at the maximum level at the moment."

Ferrari is using Toyota's old wind tunnel in Cologne to help develop its car and Domenicali said it would continue to push as hard as possible with the development of the F2012 so that Alonso can defend his 29-point lead in the title chase.

"The plan is to try to push as much as we can, bring new developments every race but it isn't easy," he said. "So the guarantee is the effect on the effort on the team to work very hard. More than that is just pure words, and that doesn't help the situation. So, for sure, I think the situation in the championship is very clear: if you are not able to improve the car then it is more difficult to fight for the championship because we cannot rely on the problem of the others.

"That's the fact but it doesn't mean that we will not push as hard as possible. But is a consideration that we cannot rely only on being third, fourth, whatever it is, we need to make sure that at least we win a race and then we will see what will be the situation with the others."