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FIA president Jean Todt says plans are already underway with engine manufacturers to make the current crop of Formula One cars louder.

The new breed of turbo-charged F1 cars have been criticised this year for being too quiet compared to the high-revving V8s that were scrapped at the end of last year. World champion Sebastian Vettel has been among the most vocal opponents to the new power units, describing the sound as "shit" in Malaysia, while Bernie Ecclestone has also called for changes. But Todt believes the volume can be turned up on the new engines without major changes to the regulations and says the governing body is working with the manufacturers to create a sound that is more appealing to fans.

"It would be wrong to say I don't care about all the complaints, so definitely it is something that we are addressing already with all the manufacturers involve in Formula One," he said. "[We are working] with Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault to address this thing even with the new regulations that we have.

"Thirty years ago in Formula One turbo engines were making a different noise from the one we hear now. We must see if we can implement in short, medium and long term a bigger noise. That we will do and we will get a better noise than at the moment."

However, Todt dismissed complaints stemming from Ferrari about fuel saving in races, saying Luca di Montezemolo's comparison between F1 drivers and taxi drivers is unfair. He also pointed out that some engine manufacturers had not done as good a job as others.

"I don't think if you ask Hamilton and Rosberg if they are driving like taxi drivers - not withstanding the respect I have for taxi drivers - but if you have an efficient car you don't have any problem. I hear that some engines are over the minimum limit of the weight of the engine, which is 145 kilos. If you have an engine five, 10 or 15 kilos heavier of course it is not as powerful.

"Do you hear Nico Rosberg complaining? Did you hear Sebastian Vettel complaining last year? Those doing well aren't complaining, those that aren't, are."

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