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Teams oppose testing reintroduction

ESPNF1 Staff
May 16, 2011 « Marko plays down breakaway threat | »
Both Christian Horner and Martin Whitmarsh want to continue with the current testing rules © Sutton Images
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Red Bull's Christian Horner and McLaren's Martin Whitmarsh have both said they would not back FIA president Jean Todt's proposal to reintroduce in-season testing.

Todt said in Turkey that he would look for the teams to agree to relax the strict rules against testing, which has been banned since 2009 in a bid to cut costs. Red Bull team principal Horner, however, said that his team wouldn't support any changes, and that it was happy with the rules as they are.

"We are not interested in the idea of allowing private testing during the season," Horner is quoted by Autosprint. "We consider the current situation to be well balanced. To change it would raise costs, inevitably."

McLaren team principal and FOTA chairman Whitmarsh agreed with Horner, saying that although it would be of benefit for some teams, it would not be in the best interests of the whole grid.

"It is true that some teams favour more testing during the season," Whitmarsh said. "But we must also safeguard the interest of the smaller teams, who do not have great financial means."