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Two DRS zones in future

ESPNF1 Staff
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Drivers will get to have a second attempt at overtaking with the new system © Sutton Images

The FIA has confirmed that it will introduce two DRS zones in race conditions at the Canadian and European grands prix.

The new overtaking aid has generally been a success so far this season, although it did receive some criticism for making overtaking too easy in Turkey. The FIA's technical delegate Charlie Whiting said that the system would be used first in Canada on the back straight and then again immediately after the chicane on the pit straight.

"The first realistic opportunity we felt was Montreal," Whiting said. "And in Valencia, as currently planned, it will be between turns 10 and 12, and again between 14 and 17."

Whiting also said the new technology allowing two separate overtaking zones was ready in time for the Turkish Grand Prix two weeks ago but that he didn't want to risk using it too soon, and that it was still designed to allow the following car to overtake rather than the leading car to fight back.

"We only had the software available in Turkey. I thought it was too new and I wanted to make sure there were no bugs in it. We didn't think there was anywhere suitable here [this weekend in Spain], because they have to be consecutive straights, ideally. It becomes more complicated the further apart they are because there's more likelihood of a change in position of the drivers."