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Dos Santos camp calls 'bulls***' on Frank Mir

ESPN staff
May 15, 2012

Junior Dos Santos has a better ground game than Frank Mir, according to the Brazilian's Jiu-Jitsu coach.

Dos Santos is preparing for the first defence of his UFC heavyweight title on May 26, when he meets former champion Mir in Las Vegas. Dos Santos is expected to own the stand-up while Mir will want to take the fight horizontal, insisting Dos Santos "avoids it like it is poison".

Mir certainly has the credentials to back up his confidence when it comes to a ground battle, having become the first man to submit Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in his last outing. Yet coach Yuri Carlton is convinced the American would be in for a big shock against Dos Santos.

"I'm positive that Cigano's Jiu-Jitsu is better," Carlton told Tatame. "He trains with the best guys in Brazil: Minotauro [Nogueira], Minotouro [Nogueira], Anderson [Silva], just to name a few... I believe he won't disappoint people when it comes to Jiu-Jitsu.

"Frank Mir trains in the United States with some Brazilians, but we have the privilege of training in Brazil. When you're talking about Jiu-Jitsu, Brazil is the place to be. We have the great champions and Cigano is not far from being one.

"His preparation is complete and he's been training for it for years. This speculation about Mir being better on the ground is bullshit. Cigano is better in the stand-up and on the ground. I'm positive about it.

"It's hard to take Cigano down. Until you get him there, there's a long way ahead of you. In case he does it, Cigano is very prepared. He's always trained Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling. He's ready. We don't say it much, but there's a lot of perseverance. He deserves to be there and he'll remain the champion after this fight."

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