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Hardy stocking up tips from GSP

ESPN staff
November 24, 2012
Dan Hardy is learning from the best © Getty Images

Dan Hardy intends to spend plenty more time training with Georges St-Pierre, revealing the UFC welterweight champion has already taught him a couple of new tricks.

Hardy and St-Pierre linked up for the final week of GSP's training camp for his title bout with Carlos Condit. The pair have worked together before and Hardy intends to make it a regular link-up.

"It was awesome," Hardy told Fuel TV. "They're so open and helpful [at Tristar]. I just came up to help Georges out, and I learned a lot myself.

"It was just a great week. I really enjoyed it, [and] I do plan on going back a lot."

Speaking specifically about how GSP has been of benefit to him, Hardy revealed he already has new tricks to implement when he returns to the Octagon, most likely in March or April 2013.

"It's always good to get some variation in training, particularly outside the training camp," he said. "So I'm going to be coming up to Tristar and working with these guys, and hopefully implementing some of that stuff into my regular game plan.

"Georges is a very nice and respectful guy. He's a very deserving champion, as well. He's very giving with his knowledge. There's a few things he's taught me and helped me out with that I probably could have done with before I fought him to be honest!"

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