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Lampard: Goal-line technology would be 'magic'

Kevin Palmer
December 13, 2012
Frank Lampard watches as his goal at the 2010 World Cup is waved away © Getty Images

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes the introduction of goal-line technology in football will "add magic" to the game.

Lampard's infamous goal that never was against Germany in the 2010 World Cup finals was cited as the catalyst for the game's authorities to bow to public pressure and allow cameras to make key decisions during games.

FIFA is using goal-line technology for the first time at the Club World Cup in Japan this week and Lampard is eager to see it in action as his Chelsea team prepare to take on Mexican side Monterrey on Thursday.

"It's too important an issue to let it go any more," stated Lampard. "It's a no-brainer to bring it in and make the calls correctly. It will add magic.

"I'm a big cricket fan and it's added magic to cricket. We all want calls to be 100 per cent right, whether it goes for or against your team. It will clarify what has happened to everyone and it will be pretty exciting. It's been a long time coming.

"We're all well aware, not just of my goal or non-goal but especially of so many crucial goals over the last few seasons in club and international football.

"It's not about my personal role. Of course it was such a high-profile game in the World Cup, England against Germany and such a blatant case of the ball crossing the line, it made everybody sit up and take notice a bit. Whether it's close or not, asking the human eye to make that quick decision isn't always possible."

Lampard believes technology should only be used for goal-line decisions and rejects the suggestion widespread use of cameras to make key decisions should be the future of the game.

"It should stop with this, with goal-line decisions," he added. "If you tried to use it everywhere then Michel Platini (UEFA president) would be right. On this one decision, I very much think it should be brought in.

"Maybe we could have looked at a trial a year or two ago to push it through quicker. I understand Platini is trying to evolve the game rather than bring in drastic changes. That's his prerogative.

"For me, you need to respect the referee with every decision. We're asking for a clear decision on goals, which is the most important part of the game."

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