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Giggs describes incredible 'shock' of Madrid defeat

ESPN staff
March 10, 2013
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Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs has spoken of his disappointment at the club's controversial exit from the Champions League at the hands of Real Madrid, and confirmed his plans to move into coaching when he finally quits playing.

Giggs, 39, signed a new one-year deal with United at the start of the month but his landmark 1,000th senior appearance was ruined by referee Cuneyt Cakir when he sent off Nani in the round of 16 clash and Real went on to win 2-1 at Old Trafford.

In a special interview with former United team-mate Gary Neville in the Daily Mail, Giggs said: "I probably haven't felt that disappointed for a long, long time. But somewhere in your head there are so many positives as well. Because I think that we performed so well, we made Real Madrid look ordinary at times.

"And it was a proper European performance. And you've been there, where everything seems right. You're in control of the match. The manager always says about games in Europe: 'Be careful because the roof can fall in.' And it did, but not in a way in which you can really blame the players, tactically or some of the performances. So it was weird. It was silent and everyone was gutted. It was shock really. But there were a lot of positives to take out of it.

"I'd initially gone over to tell him [the referee] Nani was looking at the ball. I've gone back to my position on the edge of the box, because they've got a free-kick. I was actually looking at the referee when he did it [showed the red card]. I've never, ever experienced a shock like it on a football pitch because I just didn't expect it. And I've never seen a stadium in shock like that."

When asked the last time a result had left him so stunned, Giggs said: "Sunderland last year [losing the league in the last minute as Manchester City beat QPR in the last minute]. That was quite a big one. I think you try to get over it but then you go on holiday and you're sort of day dreaming and thinking about what you could have done differently. "And then you try to forget about it again but a month later that Aguero goal would come on Sky Sports and it would just trigger it again. I was sick of seeing it."

Giggs confirmed that he will move into coaching after he hangs up his boots. "That's why I'm doing the badges, to prepare myself as best I can," he explained.

"As a footballer, you don't look too far ahead. So I'm going to have to change my mind-set when I finish. I'll have to say to myself: 'Where do you want to be in two or three years' time?' You have ideal scenarios, where you might be going on the coaching staff at United to learn how everything works at a football club and then take a manager's job.

"We've talked about it on the pro licence course, that ideally you want to get that bit of experience, two or three years on the pitch coaching, organising. That's your apprenticeship. Now that might not happen. I might finish and get offered a decent manager's job."

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