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Recovering Gazza 'excited' over future

ESPN staff
March 25, 2013
Paul Gascoigne says his treatment for alcoholism has been 'horrific' © Getty Images

Paul Gascoigne has said he is looking to the future after finishing another spell of treatment as he continues his battle against alcoholism.

The 45-year-old former Newcastle, Spurs, Lazio, Everton and England midfielder was treated in the US after footage of him appearing at an event in Northampton showed him shaking, slurring his words and crying.

He told ITV1's Daybreak programme he had "had a bad time" but said he was "quite excited what the future holds".

Doctors attempting to detoxify Gascoigne had to rush him to hospital, and newspaper reports said they had feared he could die.

"I went to the treatment centre, and they tried to detox us and they couldn't. So they rushed us to hospital, and that's where it got quite serious," Gascoigne said.

"I just remember the guy saying to the doctor in the treatment centre: 'I don't think this guy's going to make it'... I said: 'Please don't let me die.'

"People are saying it's too early for me to be talking, but it's best for me to get back to reality straight away.''

He said he was moved by the support he had had from the public and his friends adding that he was "working really hard" to beat alcohol addiction - something he did not feel had been the case with the late George Best.

"Seeing the support I had, people are out there caring," Gascoigne said. "Sometimes I feel it's easy for me to get treatment, but this time was horrific.

"I was friends with George, but I just felt like George didn't want to get well. I'm trying so hard to do it.''

He joked that he "didn't ask to be an alcoholic, but I must admit I worked on it" and said: "I went to any lengths to get my drink. I'll go even further to stay sober.''

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