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Benitez blames rogue blogger for troubles

ESPN staff
March 29, 2013

Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez believes his troubled reign as Stamford Bridge chief has been undermined by the interference of a solitary teenage blogger hailing from the Czech Republic.

Benitez is convinced the fabricated quotes suggesting he would 'never take the Chelsea job out of respect for my former club at Liverpool' have haunted him from the moment he agreed to succeed Roberto Di Matteo as Blues boss.

Now Benitez has insisted he never made the comments after again suggesting he was never given a fair chance to prove his worth by Chelsea supporters who have had an agenda against him from the moment he was hired by the club.

"You can have one person in the Czech Republic, making up a quote and saying 'Rafa said this', and then it's repeated over and again," Benitez told the Daily Mirror. "It becomes 'the truth', even though it's not true and it was not true.

"The trouble is you cannot change the perception now of people who are on another continent and read on Twitter the opinion of someone else, who has a blog and wants to write something not true. It's impossible.

"All I could do was concentrate on the things I do well, the things that have made me successful. I have done that.

"I try to have the vision of the big picture. If I'm here, it's because I was successful. I have won all the trophies you can win at club level, in different countries and different teams.

"I know my ability and skill, but you cannot change things now, in this society, especially with Twitter and Facebook - they go so fast."

Benitez claims to have received plenty of positive support from Chelsea fans despite the perception that he is almost universally disliked by the Stamford Bridge faithful and hopes his legacy at the club will one day be remembered fondly.

"I have received a lot of messages and emails here at the club," he added. "Fans said; 'You are doing a good job, carry on. We understand the situation. Don't be worried because we are Chelsea fans and can see what you are trying to do.'

"I think we are doing a great job. Why? Because you can see the team has more balance, has a lot of young players who are learning and progressing in a transitional period.

"We are pleased with the evolution of the team, but you want to win and finish in the top four to confirm all these things. If we can add a good position in the Premier League and two trophies, it will be much better."

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