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Arrogant reputation annoys me - Sturridge

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February 5, 2014
Daniel Sturridge insists he is a good natured person © PA Photos

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge believes he is sometimes branded as an arrogant player because others do not understand what he is really like.

In an interview with The Anfield Wrap, Sturridge opened up about his reputation both on and off the pitch but stated that others would criticise his attitude regardless of his form.

Since moving to Liverpool from Chelsea in January 2013, Sturridge has scored 28 goals in 35 games and has become instrumental in Brendan Rodgers' side.

Red hot Sturridge repaying faith

  • If Daniel Sturridge is played as a central striker as opposed to out wide, he scores goals. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers knows this and has used it to produce devastating results throughout the current Premier League season.
  • Partnered alongside the prolific Luis Suarez, Sturridge is beginning to repay the faith following his £12 million to Anfield in January 2013.
  • Record at Manchester City: 32 appearances, 6 goals
  • Chelsea: 96 appearances, 24 goals
  • Bolton (loan spell): 12 appearances, 8 goals
  • Liverpool: 35 appearances, 28 goals

Sturridge insists he is a good person and believes the reason that others may brand him as arrogant is down to his relaxed attitude on the pitch.

"The arrogant thing annoys me most - it annoys me a lot. But it's life, isn't it? I think everyone has a perception, like I have perceptions of people I don't know," Sturridge told theanfieldwrap.com. "I think it maybe comes from how relaxed I am on the pitch.

"People can't figure people out. If someone is straight faced, or they're not always smiling or if they are smiling, people think, 'I don't like that guy because he's like that'. They automatically have an opinion of someone of how they are; their body language or whatever.

"I've always been a chilled guy; living life, enjoying life, always smiling, always bantering; everyone who has met all says the same. I've never had any problems or any beef with anybody or anything like that.

"People have perceptions of people and that's life. I can only show the people I meet what I am as a person. I don't do things for people or make people do things for me in return. I don't do a favour for someone and then expect something in return - I do things out the good of my heart.

"If people's perception of me is that I'm arrogant, then that's fine. Until they meet me, they can have that perception. But everybody that knows me knows I'm far from that. On the field, some people don't get credit, some people do - that's the way it is. I would say that, in terms of putting people in, unless the player takes the opportunity, you never get the credit for giving them the chance.

"I do set up chances for people and I do enjoy giving assists and being part of the team, but in some cases maybe you don't get the credit you deserve. But that's life, again. I don't mind."

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