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Mourinho: Chelsea not getting respect they deserve

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April 25, 2014
Jose Mourinho was again in a surly mood during his press conference © Getty Images

Jose Mourinho claims Chelsea are not getting the respect 'they deserve' from the English football authorities as furore grows over his statement he may have to play a weakened team in Sunday's potential title decider at Anfield.

While refusing to directly criticise the Premier League because he didn't want to risk punishment, Mourinho implied that the fixture scheduling has meant Chelsea have no choice but to prioritise Wednesday's Champions League second leg against Atletico Madrid.

When it was put to him that Chelsea supporters would want the team to try their maximum to beat Liverpool on Sunday, Mourinho said he "always" wants to win but insisted there is something larger at play.

Jose to United? 'Of course not'

Jose Mourinho revealed that he has spoken to David Moyes privately © Getty Images
  • Jose Mourinho dismissed links to the vacant Manchester United job, insisting his long-term commitment is to Chelsea and no other club could prise him away.
  • When asked if he may be interested, he said: "Of course not. I don't know how someone could think about it. I left Real Madrid specifically to come to Chelsea. I signed a four-year contract. I told Chelsea they never have to worry about me because I don't want to leave, so I stay here until the club wants me to [leave], so [no] job would move me from Chelsea."
  • Mourinho also revealed that he has talked with Moyes since Tuesday. He added: "I spoke with David privately and I don't have to share it with you."

"I want to win Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Wait for Sunday."

"I think Chelsea fans want Chelsea FC to be respected and to get the respect Chelsea FC deserves. They know what Chelsea have done for the club and for English football for the last 10 years.

"They've been the most important club to defend this country in European competitions: they won the Champions League, they won the Europa League, they think Chelsea deserve more respect that they are getting.

"They want Chelsea to go to Liverpool and play, as always, at the maximum giving everything they have. Which players? That's our decision, not your decision."

When asked what he meant, Mourinho said he did not feel "free" to talk openly.

"I cannot say a lot. I do not feel free to say more than this.

"Because every time I speak, there's a consequence. Even when I think the referee is amazing, there's a reason to be charged. So I don't feel free at all. If you want a better press conference, speak with the FA."

Mourinho did then make reference to how Atletico were allowed play on the Friday before the first leg, and said Chelsea were simply fortunate that Diego Simeone's side were due to play Valencia this weekend, whose own Europa League fixture meant the match had to be put to Sunday. As such, due to the timing, Atletico will have slightly less time to prepare than Chelsea.

"They play Sunday because they play, luckily for us, Valencia and they played in the Europa League last night. If they'd played another team, they would be playing today and they would have 48 hours more than us to rest. As a journalist you should know."

"So why don't you write about it? Write about it. Speak about it. So many journalists, why don't you speak about it? Next season, if another club is in the Champions League semi-final, maybe we change that."

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