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Moyes out, Giggs in, who's next?

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April 27, 2014
Manchester United managers old and new: David Moyes chats with Ryan Giggs before the Scot's sacking © PA Photos

It's time for the latest round-up of our favourite quotes of the week - and there was one story dominating the headlines over the past seven days…

"There were things that were not that good but there were things that were good. We need to try and get rid of the bad things and do better with the things we should have done"
Safe to say the writing was on the wall for David Moyes this nonsensical babbling following defeat in his final game as Manchester United manager

"It's lonely! It's been chaotic, you're getting pulled from pillar to post"
Ryan Giggs jokes about moving into the manager's office

"It's going to be my philosophy, United's philosophy. I want the players to play with passion, speed, tempo, imagination - all the things I expect of a United player. Most of all, enjoy it"
So exactly the opposite of how they played under Moyes, Ryan…?

"He was old a week ago, now he's young"
Gary Neville quips on Giggs' transition from veteran player to budding boss

"I think that [Giggs] is the one man they should go to really"
Remind us, Sir Alex Ferguson, how did your last recommendation turn out?

"I have a lot of respect for United and I didn't like what happened to Moyes, but my place is here"
So Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti isn't the next man in the Old Trafford hot seat

"I am here I am at Bayern and I want to stay two more years here"
And neither is Pep Guardiola

"To react to all of this is a little bit uncomfortable as there hasn't been an offer so to reject it before an offer comes is personally embarrassing for me"
While Dortmund head coach Jurgen Klopp would rather wait until he is approached before discussing the possibility. But how about Jose Mourinho…

"Of course not. I don't know how someone could think about it. I left Real Madrid specifically to come to Chelsea. I signed a four-year contract. I told Chelsea they never have to worry about me because I don't want to leave, so I stay here until the club wants me to leave, so no job would move me from Chelsea"
Well that clears that up. Though we think one doth protest too much, Jose

"I spoke with David privately and I don't have to share it with you"
Mourinho was, however, quick to reveal his agony uncle duties

"How he was opened up to the ridicule that he was, I find that fascinating and sad. I know that when he comes back he'll be a better manager because of the experience. He's an outstanding manager, David Moyes, and a good man as well"
And finally, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers joins the Moyes sympathy club

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