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Wenger: Boot City out of Champions League

ESPN staff
May 9, 2014
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Arsene Wenger has called on UEFA to exclude Manchester City from the Champions League for breaching Financial Fair Play regulations.

Wenger has spoken for years about his concerns over City's spending and it has emerged that City could be fined £50 million and see their squad for the Champions League reduced to 21 players next season, while Paris Saint-Germain may face similar sanctions as well as limits on transfers and wages.

"You would think you accept the rules and you're in the competition or you don't accept the rules and you're not in the competition - then everybody would understand it," Wenger said.

Asked whether he was pleased with UEFA's punishments, Wenger added: "Yes, I like it. Look, I am complete supporter of financial fair play. I think every business should live with its own resources, like in any other activity.

"As for the punishment, I think it is a sophisticated punishment and I would like it to be a more simple one that makes more sense.

"Maybe they [UEFA] have studied that for a very long time to be in accordance with the legal side of it, I don't know."

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