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Liverpool top TV money league with £97m

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May 14, 2014
Liverpool featured in 28 televised matches during the 2013-14 season © Getty Images

Liverpool may have let it slip in the closing stages of the Premier League title race but they topped the TV payments table with a windfall of £97 million, ahead of Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

The Premier League confirmed all the payments their clubs will receive from the television contracts for the season, with even the relegated trio of Cardiff City, Fulham and Norwich City earning in excess of £62m.

All clubs receive an equal share of around £21m each, plus overseas revenue of £26m per club and a central commercial payment of £4.2m.

There is then a merit payment based on league position and a "facility fee" connected to how many times their matches were shown live by broadcasters. Liverpool were televised live 28 times during the season and so outstripped Manchester City's facility payment by £2.2m.

The total payment to all 20 clubs was £1.5 billion, an increase of nearly £600m on last season's fund, which has since been inflated by new broadcasting deals.

Liverpool's leap from seventh last season to runners-up this season is also reflected in the TV money, with their payment jumping 75% from £54.8m in 2012-13.

Manchester United, meanwhile, dropped from champions to seventh in the space of one season but still saw their payment go up by £28.4m from last year's sum of £60.8m, thanks to the increased value of the TV contracts.

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