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The best sports parody accounts on Twitter

ESPN staff
June 3, 2014
"Am I on Twitter? Yes. Do I have a Twitter account? Yes. Am I the person behind the tweets? I'm not telling you" © Getty Images

Boring James Milner


Houseproud Manchester City midfielder and oblivious bĂȘte noire of Yaya Toure, whose inner monologue is narrated by a seven-year-old Alan Partridge. Best friends with the similarly afflicted Gareth Barry.

Wenger Knows Best


Does away with pesky reporters by skirting and deflecting his own questions with trademark know-it-all verve, interspersed with transcripts of conversations, the occasional musical interlude and even - genuine - competitions.

Kai Wayne


Potty-mouthed first-born spawn of Wazza and Colin (so he tells us) who brings us life from the Rooneys' inner sanctum and thoughts on football on a daily basis. Mugs with catchphrases 'Rusk, s**t, bed, goodnight' and 'Believe in the weave' can now be found online.

Not Roger Federer


Messianic tweetings from the #humble GOAT, primarily used to maintain order on the ATP World Tour, Grand Slams and the world at large when He and His staff spot incidents of insubordination to His pre-ordained GOATness.

Fred Boycott


Why parody one sportsman when you can ape two? Yorkshire's - which, by definition, equates to the world's - greatest living batsman and finest ever bowler pass judgement on cricket, cricketers and the price of virtually everything.

Tweeter Alliss


By Jove - when national newspapers are lifting your tweets you know you've hit the mark. Lazy journalism from The Times, top-notch tweeting from the ghost behind the golf commentator's pitch-perfect parody. Remarkable.



The imagined inner machinations of Sam Allardyce's mind is a dark, drug-addled and often rather offensive place to be. Consider yourself warned.

Super Gavin Henson


Never one to let life as a professional sportsman get in the way of life as an amateur playboy, "Wales' very own Prince of Wales" talks about himself in the third person and can be dangerously vapid. Much as you'd expect, really.

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