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FA chairman Dyke to return £16,000 'gift' watch

ESPN staff
September 18, 2014
Greg Dyke says he welcomes FIFA's investigation on the matter © PA Photos

FA chairman Greg Dyke has confirmed he was given a £16,000 watch by the Brazilian FA during the World Cup but had no idea of its value and will return the gift.

The heads of all 32 qualifying countries and FIFA's executive committee were given the Swiss watches, but FIFA's ethics committee said that accepting such valuable gifts contravenes their rules.

The committee has demanded that all the watches be returned by October 24 otherwise it will launch disciplinary proceedings. Dyke said the watch was inside a bag and he had intended to give it to charity along with other items.

He said in a statement: "During the FIFA Congress in Sao Paulo, a bag with a watch inside was left in my hotel room by the Brazilian FA. I had no idea of the value and it has been left untouched in my office since returning to England.

"We are already taking steps to return the bag and its contents - which are still in their original packaging. I welcome FIFA's investigation on the matter, including their intention to donate the items to good causes back in Brazil.

"The fact that gifts of great value are being handed out randomly and often with the recipient unaware shows up a culture in need of change. I had actually set the bag aside in my box of items to donate to charity."

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