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Daly defends bizarre tee shot stunt

ESPN staff
October 1, 2013

John Daly has denied suggestions he was drunk during a bizarre incident on Sunday that saw him hit a tee shot from a man's mouth in a pizzeria car park.

With a crowd gathering outside the restaurant in Nashville, a video of the stunt was captured and put on social networking site Instagram. It showed a man lying on the ground with a ball resting on a tee held in place by his teeth, with Daly smashing it into the night.

But teetotal Daly used his Twitter account to refute the idea he had fallen off the wagon.

"I walked up and I thought some dude got knocked out because he was lying on the ground. We got a little closer and saw that he had a golf tee in his mouth," Pearce Harrison, who shared the video, said.

"He was kind of fumbling around with it for a good three or four minutes, trying to decide if he wanted to do it or not.

"I think the ball hit a building across the street because we heard a crack. But we went over there to see if it was in the street but didn't find anything.

"He [Daly] didn't seem drunk or anything. But everyone around him definitely was."

Watch the video of the stunt below:

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