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Ferrari ready to reach agreement on exhausts

ESPNF1 Staff
July 10, 2011 « Brawn pleased with Rosberg stint | »

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says his team is ready to come to an agreement with its rivals over exhaust regulations, putting an end to the row that has hovered over the sport at Silverstone this weekend.

The rules surrounding off-throttle blown diffusers changed several times over the British Grand Prix weekend, but after second practice the FIA announced its restrictions would remain in place until the end of the race. However, it soon became clear that finding a fair way to restrict all the engines equally without having an effect on reliability would be incredibly difficult.

The FIA then called a meeting of the teams to try to find a solution for the upcoming races and said it was willing to revert to the regulations run at the European Grand Prix if all the teams could agree. The teams met again on Sunday morning to discuss the issue further, but Ferrari and Sauber said they were not yet ready to make a final decision.

After the race, however, Domenicali said he was willing to come to an agreement based on the European Grand Prix regulations.

"I think that this thing was not really good for anyone," he said. "We need to draw a line and look ahead because otherwise where are we going? Even if I don't agree with the process that was taken, I think that for the benefit of the sport that [we take] action."

He added that Ferrari would act for the good of the sport and said he felt the same could not be said of all the other teams.

"When you think with the bigger picture, you need to think with a wider opening in your mind," Domenicali added. "I have to say that I don't think all the people are behaving like we are."

And he said there was no way of telling whether the change in the regulations for the British Grand Prix had contributed to Fernando Alonso's victory.

"I think that everyone can say something different because no-one really knows what we are speaking about. I hear in this sphere so many things; from one second to 0.3s to 0.1s. I don't know to be honest, as I said I want my people to be focused on the development of the car and try to maximise the performance of the car. What I ask of my people is don't follow this discussion try to be focused on the job."