• Hungarian Grand Prix

Irvine slams 'idiot' Schumacher

ESPNF1 Staff
August 2, 2010 « McLaren frustrated by timing of summer break | »

Eddie Irvine has branded former Ferrari team-mate Michael Schumacher 'an idiot' and 'arrogant beyond belief' after the German nearly drove Rubens Barrichello into the pit wall in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Defending his position for tenth in the latter stages of the race, the seven-time world champion forced Barrichello's Williams wide down the inside at 180mph in a move that race stewards punished with a ten place grid demotion for the next race.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast Show, Irvine was quick to condemn his actions.

"He was an idiot. It was an idiotic manoeuvre that was extremely dangerous. It was incredible," said Irvine. "He wasn't thinking and it was just pure arrogance that he thought he could just drive another driver into the pit wall."

Despite Schumacher's punishment of a ten place demotion for Spa, Irvine thinks he should have received the even stricter punishment of a one race ban.

"He got punished, but I don't think he got punished enough. He should have got a one race ban because it was one of the worst manoeuvres I've ever seen.

"But I don't think he should retire. He's always done stuff like this and has intimidated people for a long time, but he got away with it because he was Michael Schumacher. He was the 'the' Michael Schumacher, but this Michael Schumacher isn't getting away with it."