Irish voice opposition to Celtic league structure
March 13, 2000

Irish rugby officials have stated that they will not be entering a 22 game Celtic league which was proposed for the next three seasons.
The competition was designed to incorporate the top sides from Wales Scotland and Ireland, and would have run initially for three season. However a statement issued on behalf of the IRFU on Monday claimed that the 22 games coupled with other commitments to the national side and in Europe would have been to heavy a burden for their contracted players. " The IRFU believe that future structures must give recognition to the limit of 30-32 games per season for our Nationally contracted players."
A spokesmen for the IRFU's press office told scrum that the Union wanted to do what was best for rugby in Ireland, and that they were conscious of the number of games the players would face. However it is believed the Union might be prepared to take the idea forward if there was a lower number of matches involved.

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