Japanese Grand Prix Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka October 11-13, 2013

Total laps 53
Lap distance 5.807 km
Track Conditions Dry / 37C

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Free practice 1  October 11 - 10:00 local | 01:00 GMT | 02:00 BST
Free practice 2  October 11 - 14:00 local | 05:00 GMT | 06:00 BST
Free practice 3  October 12 - 11:00 local | 02:00 GMT | 03:00 BST

Qualifying  October 12 - 14:00 local | 05:00 GMT | 06:00 BST
Race  October 13 - 15:00 local | 06:00 GMT | 07:00 BST

  Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Vettel GER Red Bull 53 2
2 Webber FL AUS Red Bull 53 3
3 Grosjean FRA Lotus F1 53 2
4 Alonso ESP Ferrari 53 2
5 Räikkönen FIN Lotus F1 53 2
6 Hülkenberg GER Sauber 53 2
7 Gutiérrez MEX Sauber 53 2
8 Rosberg GER Mercedes 53 4
9 Button GBR McLaren 53 3
10 Massa BRA Ferrari 53 3
11 di Resta GBR Force India 53 2
12 Vergne FRA Toro Rosso 52 3
13 Ricciardo AUS Toro Rosso 52 3
14 Sutil GER Force India 52 2
15 Perez MEX McLaren 52 3
16 Maldonado VEN Williams 52 2
17 Bottas FIN Williams 52 2
18 Pic FRA Caterham 52 3
19 Chilton GBR Manor 52 2
puncture Hamilton GBR Mercedes 7 2
collision van der Garde NED Caterham 0 0
collision Bianchi FRA Manor 0 0

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It may be the same headline, but it was far from the usual Vettel victory. Grosjean did well and looked in the picture for the win until late in the race, while Webber would have been a real threat if he could have jumped Grosjean immediately. Vettel, however, was impressive to bide his time, pump in the laps when required and then jump from third to first - partly through strategy and partly on track.

Just to put Grosjean's drive in to perspective (aside from the pressure from Red Bull) he finished over 37 seconds ahead of team-mate Kimi Raikkonen...

In fact, Grosjean isn't the only younger team-mate impressing - Gutierrez picks up his first six world championship points with a very impressive drive, albeit 20 seconds behind Hulkenberg who finished one place ahead.

Renault's Remi Taffin is on the podium taking the constructor's trophy but is forced to put on a Red Bull top rather than his Renault one. Three Renault engines on the podium but the top isn't allowed!

Vettel: "I'm blown away by the race today, I got a very poor start. First of all I would like to enjoy today ... It doesn't help when you win for the championship. We have a very good gap but still we keep pushing, we never give up. It's not over before it's over."

Webber: "Seb went a bit longer in the first stint then unloaded his race better than mine at the end. You always want a bit more"

Grosjean: "It feels much better than last year for sure! What a start, terrific, definitely better than last year... It's my engineers home race and I think he's happy"

And with those thoughts it's time to end. If you need the permutations, Vettel will win the title in India with a fifth place or better. If he fails to do that then Alonso has to outscore him by 15 points to keep it alive to Abu Dhabi. Stranger things have happened... Thanks for joining us, bye for now.

Lap 53

We're on to the final lap and Vettel is nine seconds clear at the front. That doesn't really tell the story of this race though.

Webber has pulled 1.5s out over Grosjean so P2 looks safe. Alonso is clear of Raikkonen for P4.

Sebastian Vettel wins the Japanese Grand Prix. Webber comes home second, Grosjean third and Alonso finishes fourth to stop Vettel taking the title this weekend. Raikkonen is fifth and Hulkenberg sixth.

Gutierrez finishes a very impressive seventh place as he holds off Rosberg right to the end, and then Button passes Massa late on for P9. Replays show Maldonado barging through on team-mate Bottas at the chicane on the last lap, pushing Bottas off track. That was for 16th place, though.

Lap 52

Webber gets through. DRS open and lots of cars nearby but Webber gets up the inside in to Turn 1. That move has come five laps too late though for a challenge for victory.

Raikkonen under braking gets round the outside of Hulkenberg in to the chicane with a great move for fifth place.

Lap 51

Raikkonen attacks Hulkenberg for P5 at the chicane but can't get by. Grosjean and Webber arrive side-by-side at Spoon but Grosjean stays ahead. Still lots of traffic ahead though...

Lap 50

Ricciardo runs wide and kicks up dust that Grosjean and Webber have to run through. There's a battle for P13 ahead, but Vettel is through it too. Rosberg attacks Gutierrez but the Sauber holds him off and Rosberg is told his fuel is critical

Lap 49

Webber was only 0.4s behind Grosjean but didn't use DRS strangely. Grosjean is doing a great job to be fair, even if he's stopped Webber chasing down Vettel. There's a lot of traffic ahead for these guys.

Hulkenberg still holding off Raikkonen

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