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'I'd love to be on Strictly Come Dancing'

Kelly Sotherton October 5, 2011

I think I might be the only person in the whole of the UK who is pleased that the glorious weather has to come to an end. Up until this week I've been rehabbing my hamstring so I've just being doing some light training on the track, but I started my winter training programme on Monday, and it's only now that I'll really find out whether my hamstring is completely healed or not.

Fortunately, thanks to Team 2012 funding, I get access to quality rehabilitation specialists so I'm hopeful my reaction will be positive. I'm glad it's going to be cooler this week though - I'm not sure I'd want to be doing hardcore training in 30'C!

As with any 9-to-5 job I get into a routine and I have quite a structured day. I'm not a morning person but I generally have get up about 7:00 or 7:30am and have some breakfast. I go through phases of what I like to eat in the mornings; sometime I have porridge, sometimes granola with yoghurt, or if I am really hungry I'll cook some eggs. I'm generally one of the first people to arrive at the track about 9 o'clock and I train hard for around 2 hours. I train by myself but there are lots of other athletes at the track, and also in the gym - some of the women's England rugby team train there occasionally and a few of the Birmingham City ladies' football team are my gym buddies.

Spending so much of my life in sports gear I do love the chance to get all glammed up!

I have a four-week training schedule which we stick to religiously. One day I might be doing a speed session on the track or a technical session working on my start; the next I could be in the gym doing plyometrics or circuit training. I don't enjoy the really hard sessions, although you always feel great afterwards. I love the plyometrics, circuit training, medicine ball and stuff like that.

After the morning session I head home for lunch, watch a bit of TV, relax for a while and then go back to the track for my second training session of the day. At this time of year a lot of my training is general conditioning geared towards getting myself in the best possible shape for next season. I enjoy it because it is varied - I don't know how the track guys just run and run. I loved the heptathlon because every day was different, whereas just doing the 400m you are doing the same thing week in, week out.

I go home via the shops to pick up some food and cook some dinner and then I generally just chill out in front of the TV for a few hours before bed. I love TV shows like Luther and Fringe, but also Eastenders, X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. And of course I watch all the live football matches on Sky Sports and ESPN. If I have the chance I love to go to the matches. I also love going shopping, eating out and going to the cinema.

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I sometimes get the chance to go to dinners and balls but I would never put anything before my training - I always try to fit interviews, photo shoots and other appearances around my training schedule. Sometimes I have to say no to things and some people don't understand the reason why you are being asked to attend events is because you have been successful and trained hard. I know a few athletes fit their training around their other commitments and building their profile but I think that is the wrong way round.

There are a few exceptions. On Friday we have the British Olympic Ball in London Olympia, which is a fantastic event to raise funds for the British Olympic Association. I've had it in my diary for months so I have been able to make provisions and make sure I finish training early so I can go to the ball. As long as I know about these things well in advance I can generally factor these things in. I can't wait - spending so much of my life in sports gear I do love the chance to get all glammed up!

It would be my dream to be on Strictly Come Dancing. I think it is the ultimate celebrity reality show. I know of one or two people who have been on the show and I know how hard they have to work. I'd love to get dressed up in all the beautiful outfits and I've always wanted to learn how to dance properly. I haven't had the opportunity before because I've always been training, but hopefully one day I'll get that call. Maybe this time next year you'll be seeing me being given perfect 10s by the judges!

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Kelly Sotherton is a GB Olympic medalist

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