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Los Angeles 1932 - Key Moments

ESPN staff
October 12, 2011
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USA's Mildred 'Babe' Didrikson surged to gold in the 80m hurdles © PA Photos

Highs and lows
The Great Depression saw the number of competitors cut in half from four years previous but 18 world records were broken

Big and bold
Despite the economic turmoil, America went to town in the hosting of the Games with the huge Coliseum Olympic Stadium dwarfing anything that had been seen before. The Coliseum has gone on to host Super Bowls and is the only stadium to have ever hosted an Olympic games twice.

Flying the flag
For the first time, the first three athletes in each event stood on a podium and the winner had their flag raised in victory, something which is now taken for granted in medal ceremonies.

All-round ability
Babe Didrikson picked up two gold medals and a silver, but was a stellar sportswoman and turned to golf after the Olympics. She became the first woman to compete in a men's PGA Tour event before winning both the US and British ladies' Amateur Golf Championship

Honesty the best policy
British fencer Judy Guinness passed up the chance to win gold when she pointed out to officials they had not noticed two touches scored by her opponent in the final, Ellen Preis.

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