• London Olympics 2012

Greene to rivals: Let's sort feud on the track

ESPN staff
May 16, 2012
Dai Greene: 'I stand for high morals in sport' © Getty Images

Dai Greene has moved to cool his row with Bershawn Jackson and Angelo Taylor ahead of the 400 metres hurdles showdown at London 2012.

Jackson claims that Greene said his American rivals were "overrated" - which the Brit denies - while Taylor has also taken a swipe, saying Greene's World Championship-winning time last year was "very slow".

The war of words has been an engrossing sub-plot ahead of the Games, but Greene is keen to ensure that the verbal jousting goes no further.

"The Americans are talking as if I was slagging them off," Greene said in the Daily Mail. "I stand for high morals in sport. So I can't be seen to be criticising them for no reason.

"No, I don't go out for a drink with them and, yes, I am fiercely competitive. I look forward to racing them and I'll be aiming to beat them, as I always aim to do, and as I managed at the Worlds last year.

"But I acknowledge they have been the outstanding nation in my event for years and I wouldn't disrespect them. I am not blasé about that. I do not overlook the fact.

"In no interview have I said anything different. I just said after Daegu that it was a change not to see the Americans on the podium - not that they were overrated. But the story I disrespected them is out there and I wanted to pick up on it to stop it."

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