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Bolt shrugs off poor form ahead of London games

ESPN staff
May 30, 2012
Bolt ramps up Olympic preparations

Triple-Olympic champion Usain Bolt is untroubled by his recent disappointing form, stating he could "lose every race up to the Olympics, it doesn't matter".

Bolt clocked 10.04 seconds over 100-metre last Friday in Ostrava, the slowest time of his career outside of qualifying rounds. However, Bolt, who holds the world record of 9.58 seconds, remains supremely confident of his chances leading up to the Olympic 100-metre final on August 5.

"It was just one of my bad races," Bolt said. "I have to put that behind me and just move on. For me, it's not a worry. I have a lot more races to run.

"On that day my legs weren't feeling good and I wasn't feeling that energetic. Maybe it was lack of sleep or not enough food or something. I didn't have the energy I usually have so I've just been trying to get lots of sleep and eat properly.

"I'm training better than in Ostrava, so I seem to be on a better track. Technically wise, it wasn't that bad. It was just the first 45 to 50 metres, when my shoulders were coming up a bit, but not much more.

"Everybody has bad races. It's just one of those things in track and field. You can't win every race, and you can't come out and run fast every day. We are humans and we have off races and it's just one of those things. This is sport. It happens in basketball and baseball and it happens to athletes. I'm never worried because at the end of the day it's all about the championships.

"I've set high standards and people expect you to do certain things. I know I'll have bad races but I've got to stay focused on my goal.

"I've gone through so much, so many things that even if I lose every race up to the Olympics, it doesn't matter because I know that I have one focus - and that is just to go to the Olympics and do great things.

"I'm confident that myself and my coach can put together a programme to be a champion. I will focus on that. My coach is the greatest coach ever and knows exactly what to do to get me to the top.

"You have to enjoy your job and I enjoy my job. I'm always going to be the same. I'm always relaxed. I don't change that just because it is an Olympic year."

Bolt also laughed off talk that his time at the top of world sprinting is over following comments from former Olympic champion Justin Gatlin, who suggested people were bored with "the Bolt show". Bolt simply brushed aside the claim, believing Gatlin is not his main rival for the gold medal.

"I don't want to sound rude but I think Gatlin's had his chance," Bolt said. "To say, 'Get ready for the Gatlin Show' is funny.

"There are a lot of other athletes. You can't count out Tyson Gay, and Yohan Blake is back, so I think he has a few guys to get past before he should be worried about me."

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