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Grosjean thanks Lotus for faith

ESPN Staff
October 25, 2012 « Maldonado hopes Korea was just a blip | Hulkenberg refuses to comment on future »
Romain Grosjean says he'll remain cautious at race starts for the rest of the season © Sutton Images
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Romain Grosjean admits he is thankful to Lotus for sticking by him following his recent first-lap troubles.

After being involved in a number of incidents at the start of races - most recently in Japan - Grosjean was under huge pressure in Korea but enjoyed a clean race on his way to seventh place. Despite having been suspended for one race, Lotus has stood by him and looks set to confirm Grosjean's seat for another season, and he admits it has been a great help to have the team's continued support.

"We have been analysing everything together, they have been supporting me more than 100% and I am very glad and very happy to be here," Grosjean said. "This is where I think we want to go a long time together, so that's the idea. I feel very good here, I feel very happy and the car is good as well, which helps, but the faith and the support the team showed me was very important in a difficult time.

"If I can get over and move ahead through the situation I've been through then I think yes it will be very, very good for the future."

Grosjean also said that the careful approach he had displayed in Korea would continue until the end of the season.

"It's the first step of a new foundation - let's put it that way - and I'll keep the same approach during all the weekend here. I was happy to go through everything with no problems, it was quite important for me, for the team, for everybody, scoring points, going to the end of the race and having a strong race.

"I saw the Sauber having contact behind me so I thought 'OK I need to go away!' I think it was the safest option. We are ready to lose one or two positions at the start; it's not the end of the world and we see then with a good strategy we can recover from that. So it's not a big deal and it means us going through more easily. That's the first step of the approach and then in the future maybe we can get back really trying to get the opportunity but at the moment it's just staying out of trouble … I think until the end of the season."