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 I will make sure I hurt myself extra for such a bad day   Jenson Button promises to punish himself by way of apology for his performance at the Malaysian Grand Prix March 27, 2012

 I can only smile. It was a terrible day   Jenson Button stays chilled after a wretched Malaysian Grand Prix where he could only finish 14th March 26, 2012

 Last year quite a lot of times I went out and enjoyed myself thinking that these things don't affect you but in actual fact they do, they have a knock-on effect   Lewis Hamilton admits he partied too hard on occasion in 2011 and has vowed to change his ways in 2012 March 11, 2012

 There were times last year when I was juggling too many things. There were too many things hanging over me, too many things which were unfinished, questions in my mind, whether it was purchases, investments, management, lawyers or family.   Lewis Hamilton admits what most people suspected anyway February 4, 2012

 I don't give a f***.   Jenson Button replies to yet another question about Lewis Hamilton's season November 1, 2011

 I don't want him to enjoy being beaten by his team-mate. I want him to try to beat Jenson, just as I want Jenson to try to beat Lewis.   Martin Whitmarsh on why he wants Lewis Hamilton to challenge team-mate Jenson Button October 30, 2011

 He just said, 'Have a good race'. This is trying to what? Have a good race is not part of talking or whatever.   Felipe Massa refuses an olive branch of sorts from Lewis Hamilton October 30, 2011

 Same old same old.   A downbeat Lewis Hamilton after again falling foul of the stewards at the Indian Grand Prix October 28, 2011

 I've had the worst year. So if you expect me to be all happy doolally after a race like that you're not going to hear it.    Lewis Hamilton refuses to get excited after his impressive drive to second place in Korea October 16, 2011

 I've tried to speak to him and he didn't want to, and to be honest I don't care any more. I'm not going to speak to him.   Felipe Massa brushes aside Lewis Hamilton's far from sturdy olive branch October 13, 2011

 I think I've always had respect for Felipe and I still do today regardless of the negative comments that he is coming out with.   Lewis Hamilton tries ... but not too hard ... to play down suggestions all is not well with him and Felipe Massa October 13, 2011

 For some reason, I seem to do that quite a lot: parking in the wrong place and running down.   Jenson Button admits he is in the habit of parking his car on the slowing down lap after a race October 10, 2011

 Destroy his race as much as we can. Come on, boy.   Ferrari engineer Rob SmedleyFelipe Massa in attempt to frustrate Lewis Hamilton shortly before the pair clashed at the Singapore Grand Prix October 3, 2011

 Lewis is having plenty of love from the team. I've known him since he was 11 and there's affection between us and many other members of the team.   McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh after another torrid weekend for Lewis Hamilton September 26, 2011

 Lewis cannot use his mind.   An angry Felipe Massa after his collision and subsequent 'chat' with Lewis Hamilton in Singapore September 25, 2011

 People don't drive around with Nordschliefe stickers on their bootlids for nothing.   Jenson Button shows his respect for the Nurburgring where he is keen to become a grand prix winner, albeit on the tamer modern circuit July 15, 2011

 I've got like a platinum card for the stewards, so I expect to be there … I'm actually going straight from here to the stewards - just sit there and wait - rather than go back and come back.   Lewis Hamilton jokes about his frequent run-ins with officialdom ... which he avoided at Silverstone July 10, 2011

 I went gambling and had lots to drink.   Jenson Button reveals that he went on a boozy stag weekend in Las Vegas following his victory in Canada June 24, 2011

 I will stop when I'm bored of going around in circles, or if I'm not fast enough.   Jenson Button ponders his future in Formula One June 15, 2011

 He is completely mad ... you cannot drive like this as it will result in someone getting killed.   Former champion Niki Lauda has had enough of Lewis Hamilton's driving style June 13, 2011

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