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McLaren not in permanent decline - Button

ESPN Staff
September 5, 2013 « McLaren assuming Pirelli will stay in 2014 | 21 races but no New Jersey on provisional calendar »
Jenson Button: "I think we can win the world championship next year with Mercedes-Benz" © Sutton Images

Jenson Button believes 2013 will only be a blip in McLaren's history of success and is expecting to be able to win the title next season.

McLaren has yet to score a podium this year in one of its worst seasons in recent memory. Next year will see a complete overhaul of the regulations with new 1.6-litre V6s introduced, but McLaren could face a year of transition as it sees out its contract with Mercedes before Honda returns as its engine supplier in 2015.

However, Button, who has pledged his allegiance to his current team, believes McLaren will be a title contender in 2014.

"I am really excited about 2015 but first of all we've got to look to next year and I think we can win the world championship next year with Mercedes-Benz," he was quoted by Reuters. "There's still a very good partnership there with them and it will be nice to go out on a high."

And Button does not think Red Bull's dominance of the sport over the past three seasons will continue.

"I know that Red Bull have had a great run for the last few years but it will stop. I think when you are in a top team, any of the three or four top teams, it's better to stay put for the near future. But especially for me because I really do feel happy here."

Even though Button has not been formally announced as a McLaren driver going forward, with an option in his contract yet to be signed off, he said he is not thinking about going anywhere else.

"I am loyal. In the past sometimes I haven't been. I think if you are with a smaller team that you can't see a future with, it's the right thing to always look for something better. But when you are with a team like this with the future that this team has, this is a very exciting opportunity for any driver."