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McLaren can win in 2015 - Button

Nate Saunders in Barcelona
February 22, 2015 « LIVE - Testing from Barcelona | Alonso airlifted to hospital after testing crash »
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Jenson Button is convinced McLaren is "not in for another tough season" and it could have a race-winning car by the end of 2015 despite early issues in winter.

McLaren has suffered three problematic days in Barcelona related to a faulty seal on its MGU-K, limiting the team to 109 laps. The team's problems, which started in the opening Jerez test, have been magnified by the fact none of the other three manufacturers have had any major problems so far but Button is not worried.

"We're not in for another tough season, that's definitely not the case," Button said. "Whether we're ready for the first race or not is something I can't answer right now. This is a very different situation to the last two years - in the last two years we just weren't quick enough."

The problems in testing mean McLaren is yet to look for performance in its new car, with the team mainly limited to data gathering, aero work and pit stop practice. However Button is happy with the MP4-30 itself and is convinced the team can be in a stronger - and even possibly a winning - position as the year progresses.

"I think for us we're not going to have a race-winning car at the first race but we might have one at the last race. I think you are going to see big improvements from us. We're all quite interested to see what this car can do when we're at full power and we're able to do some set-up work because there's a lot of potential, it's just difficult to extract right now. It's difficult for all of us and very tough for the guys working flat out putting the car together, taking apart, putting it together, taking it apart, but its all about learning and we will solve these problems and hopefully soon."

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