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Vettel clarifies 'strange' Alonso crash comments

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February 28, 2015 « LIVE - Testing from Barcelona | McLaren cuts penultimate day short »
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Sebastian Vettel has clarified the widely reported comments he made after Fernando Alonso's crash on the final day of the second Barcelona test.

Alonso spent three nights in hospital after being knocked unconscious when gusty winds on the exit of Turn 3 spat his car into the inside wall at a reported speed of 134 mph. Vettel was not far behind Alonso went he went off the road and immediately after the crash some media outlets reported him as calling the incident "strange", adding the Spaniard had slowly turned right into the wall.

In the aftermath there were rumours Alonso had lost consciousness before the crash - which McLaren has categorically denied - and Vettel's comments were used in some quarters to support that theory. However, during the third and final test in Barcelona Vettel said he only saw what happened after Alonso hit the wall.

When asked if it was windy through Turn 3, Vettel said: "Yes, I think it was. I think Carlos [Sainz] had an accident [at Turn 3] where he lost the car, it was very windy on that day. I'm not sure what exactly happened.

"I was right behind but I didn't really see. I was a bit too late so I couldn't see how the accident started, I only saw the last bit where he hit the wall. But what happened before I don't know, I cannot judge."

Vettel said the FIA as not approached him to ask him about what he saw, though he did visit McLaren immediately after the crash to give the team his version of events.

"I went to McLaren straight away after it happened and basically told them what I saw and asked Fernando if he was at OK - at that stage we didn't know. It's still shocking to know he still needs to recover but the most important thing right now is that in general he is fine."

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