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 I don't think my performance is well enough recognised.   Nico Rosberg, who has kept fairly quiet this season as attention centres on his team-mate, finally argues his corner October 14, 2010

 There is more credibility in Norbert Haug becoming an F1 driver than in Michael Schumacher becoming sporting director of Mercedes.   Mercedes boss Norbert Haug on speculation Michael Schumacher could move into management in 2011 October 10, 2010

 It is a long term project. If you think of how long it took to have success with Benetton and with Ferrari, it wasn't in the short term.    Under-fire Michael Schumacher responds to incessant speculation over his future after failing to live up to expectations in his comeback year October 8, 2010

 I need a Red Bull ... the car, not the drink.   Nico Rosberg answers a journalist's question about what it would take for him to win at Suzuka October 8, 2010

 If Michael Schumacher was not Michael Schumacher, driving as he is currently, would he be in the seat next year? My guess is no.   Eddie Jordan with one of his increasingly regular snipes at Michael Schumacher September 27, 2010

 He's not good enough … he should not be putting his reputation and legacy at risk.   Eddie Jordan has another swipe at Michael Schumacher September 26, 2010

 I think he realised from the first serious testings that it was a huge mistake.   Flavio Briatore chips in on the debate over the wisdom of Michael Schumacher's comeback September 22, 2010

 I've a hunch something fundamental has changed. I believe he is disillusioned and thinking of quitting.   Eddie Jordan makes comments designed to upset the legions of Michael Schumacher fans September 17, 2010

 He has been taking more steps back than forward. He has tried several strange tricks to gain points, and they have all come to nothing.   Former F1 driver Gerhard Berger offers another opinion on Michael Schumacher's lacklustre season August 19, 2010

 I believe we are moving in the right direction to ensure that next year we will be real contenders.    Positive thoughts from Michael Schumacher August 17, 2010

 If he goes to heaven, I don't know if he will go to heaven. But if he wants to go before me, go up or down, I don't want to go before him   Rubens Barrichello has no plans to die before or with Michael Schumacher after their very close call in Hungary August 2, 2010

 As soon as the lunatics start running the asylum you have big problems.   Mercedes' Nick Fry takes a dim view on the Red Bull drivers speaking out July 14, 2010

 If he was driving a Red Bull, he'd be the old Michael again.   Bernie Ecclestone continues his defence of Michael Schumacher July 11, 2010

 It has probably been harder to come back than Michael imagined. He is not 24 any more and he is up against younger, ambitious drivers keen to make their mark on the sport.   Ross Brawn on the difficulties in the world of Michael Schumacher July 10, 2010

 I'm not really thinking about the championship any more, that's unrealistic from my point of view considering the points I have.   Realism from Michael Schumacher July 9, 2010

 He's spent the last three years on holiday. What do you expect after such a break?    Bernie Ecclestone comes to the defence of veteran Michael Schumacher July 4, 2010

 A part of my heart will always be red.   Michael Schumacher admits his love for Ferrari May 29, 2010

 Believe me my only concern was that the right thing was done. But there was a wry smile from Michael. Slightly ironic you could say.   In his capacity as a steward at Monaco, Damon Hill reflects on the decision to penalise Michael Schumacher for his last-corner overtake May 17, 2010

 I'm very sorry, I'm in a bad mood because I did terribly.   No criticising Nico Rosberg's honesty after qualifying in sixth at Monaco May 15, 2010

 He should have taken the seven wins and walked away …he is going to punished for the rest of the season by Rosberg.   Eddie Jordan after Michael Schumacher was again outqualified by his team-mate May 15, 2010

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