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Rosberg a future champion - Jordan

ESPNF1 Staff
December 13, 2010 « Schumacher not worring about reputation | »

Former team owner and BBC pundit Eddie Jordan thinks that Nico Rosberg could once again dominate illustrious team-mate Michael Schumacher in 2011 and that he is a world champion in the making.

Jordan was responsible for giving Michael Schumacher his big break in Formula One way back in 1991. Even so, he has been one of Michael Schumacher's biggest critics during the course of the season and thinks his struggles against his young team-mate will continue in 2011.

"Rosberg could turn out to be the real darling because if the car was as grim as what Michael was making reference to then you have to say, hang on a second, Rosberg absolutely pasted him in virtually every capacity, certainly in qualifying, in race technique, in all the usual benefits you would expect Michael Schumacher to excel in," said Jordan. "He didn't do that and I think Rosberg could be a world champion. And the great thing about his situation is all the pressure is taken from him, certainly from the media point of view.

"Technically within the team, everything is circling around Michael Schumacher and for very good reason. He is the PR management within this structure and of course a seven-time world champion. It is quite clear he only came back to be in that team as a number one."

Although Jordan has marked Rosberg down as a future champion, he thinks it will be difficult for Sebastian Vettel's rivals to get any closer to him in 2011 now he has the luxury of a first drivers' title under his belt.

"Vettel was a great champion. He really was the fastest driver and had more pole positions. His conversion rate nevertheless was poor but I see with that sense of maturity now having been world champion it's going to be a bigger task for the other protagonists to catch him because he is a real talented young kid and he's not going to let go of this title very easily.

"If Mark is able to beat him, fantastic he'll accept it. But there's no give and take in that team, they are both hugely talented drivers. I don't see it ever boiling over, in fact I don't think it ever did."