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Rosberg has confidence in 2013

ESPN Staff
November 1, 2012 « Alonso aims to push Red Bull to breaking point | Hamilton not worried about Mercedes' struggles »
Nico Rosberg expects Mercedes to struggle in Abu Dhabi © Press Association
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Nico Rosberg says he has confidence Mercedes will improve significantly in 2013 and says Lewis Hamilton's move to the team is further proof that's the case.

Mercedes has been off the pace in recent races, with Rosberg finishing seven seconds outside the points in 11th place in India. When asked if it was an inherently good car, Rosberg simply replied "The car is not quick enough," but when asked if that was a concern for 2013 due to the regulation stability, he was much more positive.

"No, because the team is improving," Rosberg said. "We've made a lot of changes in the factory that are only going to have a massive impact on next year's car. This year was already too late when all the changes happened, so I'm confident that we're going to do better and better. And Lewis is another good example, he looked at it and he said 'OK yeah, I believe in this team' and that's why he came."

Despite that optimism, Rosberg admits another tough race is in store for Mercedes this weekend.

"I think [performance will be] similar to India at the moment. The last couple of weekends have been tough and here's going to be similar. We're extracting everything out of it but at the moment there's just not more in it.

"I'm still fully motivated and pushing and trying to get the most out of it but of course I look forward to one day having a more competitive car."

Rosberg added that Mercedes' difficulties are being highlighted further by the close nature of the midfield battle.

"It makes a big difference; everything's so tight so if you're just slightly off - also with the tyres and everything - it seems to exacerbate the situation and then it looks worse than it actually is."