• Monaco Grand Prix

Vettel says Webber was unbeatable

ESPNF1 Staff
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Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel celebrate their one-two win for Red Bull © Getty Images
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Sebastian Vettel said he was simply outpaced by his Red Bull team-mate Mark Webber at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Vettel jumped to second place at the start but then spent the rest of his race defending position from Renault's Robert Kubica rather than attacking Webber ahead of him.

"I couldn't keep up with Mark today and we need to see why that was," he said. "It was difficult, especially at the beginning and after all the restarts. Later on I finally felt I had more grip and wasn't too far off Mark's pace, but by then he was already down the road. There was no point trying to catch him, as overtaking is so difficult here. I also had to look more in my mirrors today. Robert was pushing quite hard and it was quite difficult to get away from him at the restarts. I was going sideways rather than straight at times. But, I'm happy. I think we couldn't have done better today - and we take away good points, which counts for a lot."

He added that Webber's advantage might not be so clear cut at the next grand prix in Turkey.

"Well, every weekend is a new challenge," Vettel said. "I think this weekend we did our optimum, it wasn't enough to win, Mark was a little bit better. Maybe next time it might look different."