• Monaco Grand Prix

Williams investigating crashes

ESPNF1 Staff
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Nico Hulkenberg's car is removed from the track by marshals © Getty Images

Williams will launch a full investigation into the causes of its two crashes at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Nico Hulkenberg hit the wall in the tunnel on the first lap and Rubens Barrichello ricocheted off the Armco after appearing to have some kind of failure at the rear of his car approaching Massenet. Technical director Sam Michael said both cars would be repaired in time for the next race and searched for clues as to why they crashed.

"That was not a good day for the team after a promising start for Rubens," he said. "Nico had a problem with the clutch paddle on the steering wheel during the formation lap. He then had a failure with the front wing mounting on the first lap of the race. Rubens had a fantastic start and was running in sixth when he started to experience poor handling after his stop. 11 laps after his pitstop, he had a failure at the rear end of his car. We need to get all the parts back to the factory in order to identify correctly what components on both cars caused the failures. We have quite a bit of car damage to repair, but we're making progress with performance and look to further that in Istanbul."

Hulkenberg said his accident was a mystery to him.

"I'm not entirely sure what happened in the tunnel," he said. "The car felt odd one minute and the next I was in the wall. I am really disappointed not to have completed the race and get the mileage under my belt, but that's life."

Barrichello was equally perplexed by his crash.

"What happened today was a real surprise," he said. "I had such a good start but the car started to feel really strange after the pitstop. The steering wheel, in particular, didn't feel normal. The problem continued to get worse and then I crashed. We now have to investigate the car to find out what the problem was."