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     I was just starting to grow in confidence in the morning, when we hit a rut and the car went into the slowest of slow-motion rolls you've ever seen - it was just embarrassing       Graeme Swann reflects after rolling his car during the opening stage of the Wales Rally GB Nov 15, 2014

     I think a few people had written me off thinking I was a one-hit wonder      Greg Rutherford was in defiant mood after winning gold at the Commonwealth Games Jul 30, 2014

     I tried to drown out the noise a little bit before the race       Hannah Miley was roared on by the Scottish crowd on her way to the gold medal in the women's 400m individual medley at the Commonwealth Games Jul 24, 2014

     My relationship with Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn't realise that four years ago. I do now      LeBron James is heading back to the Cleveland Cavaliers Jul 11, 2014

     I am literally terrified of it      Tom Daley revealed he is undergoing therapy to get over his self-labelled 'demon dive' Apr 28, 2014

     I couldn't eat no more, so I went to Applebee's to have drinks       Michael Sam's father, who was eating at a Denny's restaurant, took the news hard on his son announcing he was gay Feb 12, 2014

     It wouldn't have surprised me if Julius would have went and handed it [the ball] to some babe up in the stands, trying to get her phone number in exchange for the ball. That would be right up Julius' alley      Peyton Manning sets a new NFL single-season touchdown record, then worries if team-mate Julius Thomas even noticed... Dec 23, 2013

     She jumped on me. She grabbed me from the back and she started to say that 'you don't know who I am, I will make your life miserable'       This is apparently what Heather Mills did to IPC skiing committee head Sylvana Mestre, which isn't a surprise Dec 19, 2013

     I think we've led the league in delays over the last few years      First the Super Bowl power outage, then the lightning in Denver, now a thunderstorm in Chicago - Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh seems a little fed up Nov 17, 2013

     It was pretty muddy, windy. I feel like I've been fishing all day      Baltimore Ravens star Martellus Bennett reflects on his side's thunderstorm-hit clash with the Chicago Bears Nov 17, 2013

     They had the opportunity of their lives and they just kind of threw it away      Houston Texans outside linebacker Brooks Reed blasts former teammates Sam Montgomery, Cierre Wood and Willie Jefferson after they were released amid drug claims Oct 22, 2013

     That was enforced in our household that nothing good happens after midnight      Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh expresses his disappointment that saw Jacoby Jones hit over the head by a stripper with a champagne bottle. Not as disappointed as Jones was that his night with the girl ended that way Sep 24, 2013

     I'm going to North Korea to meet my friend, Kim. It's a friendly gesture.      Possibly the most unexpected friendship in modern day sport - former NBA star Dennis Rodman and North Korea leader Kim Jong Un Sep 3, 2013

     My mind concentration began to wander but I have just completed 150 miles on the most demanding course in the world, so that's pretty impressive I think       Chris Mitchell can't quite believe making history - he became the first one-armed motorcyclist to complete a race around the Isle of Man TT course Aug 28, 2013

     I’ve played basketball a million times in my life and I’ve never elbowed anybody. So the first time I do this, it’s to the President of the United States? What is the probability of that? Nil, right?      Reynaldo Decerega recalls the basketball game in 2010 that saw him leave President Obama needing 12 stitches to his lip May 7, 2013

     You have a friend for life.      Former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman to North Korea leader Kim Jong Un during a visit to the country Mar 1, 2013

     Baltimore - we're coming home. We did it!       Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis hails the Ravens' 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl XLVII Feb 4, 2013

     Before deciding to move to bobsleigh, I watched a documentary called 'Cool Runnings'. It was almost autobiographical.       Former sprinter Craig Pickering explains his decision to move to bobsleigh Dec 7, 2012

     He owes me his firstborn or something. Actually, I don't want that. Maybe a sandwich or something.      New York Giant Martellus Bennett's demands, after catching and "saving the life" of a fan who fell towards him from the stands. Nov 29, 2012

     That little nutcracker dude who's guarding the house.       New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski explains who he was trying to impersonate with his touchdown celebration. The 'house' is Buckingham Palace. Oct 29, 2012