Incognito returns to Twitter and offers apology

ESPN staff
February 18, 2014

After Richie Incognito deleted his Twitter account Friday in the wake of an independent investigator's report on the Miami Dolphins locker room situation, he returned to the social media website Monday and apologised to team-mate Jonathan Martin early Tuesday morning.

Incognito earlier greeted his Twitter following and apologised for his behavior in relation to the social media site.

The report released Friday by attorney Ted Wells found that Incognito was one of three Dolphins starters who subjected team-mate Martin to persistent harassing language and workplace bullying.

The NFLPA has said it will review the findings, and the NFL has had no comment on whether there will be further punishment.

Incognito was suspended in November for the remainder of the season and will be a free agent in March.

Incognito took to Twitter on Friday night, saying:

He added one final tweet saying: "Goodbye Twitter. Be well and see you on the other side."

His account was deleted shortly thereafter, but as it turns out, "the other side" proved to be just three days away.

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