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ESPN staff
October 12, 2011
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Women's volleyball entered the Olympics for the first time and Japan won gold © PA Photos
Getting your sums wrong
A bronze medalist in diving in 1964, American Larry Andreasen achieved more notoriety 24 years later for an unusual stunt. He dove from a bridge in California 48.5 metres high believing it to be a world record. Unfortunately not only was the record 53m, but Andreasen got himself arrested in the process.

Slim margin
Following the 100 metre freestyle, judges awarded the bronze medal to Germany's Hans-Joachim Klein after he finished in a dead heat with American Gary Ilman. Officials ruled that Klein touched home a 1,000th of a second before his rival although the times were classed as unofficial.

World class
The final of the women's 100m backstroke featured six swimmers who were either current or former world record holders over various distances. Cathy Ferguson won the elite race followed home by Christine Caron, Virginia Duenkel, Satoko Tanaka, Linda Ludgrove and Jill Norfolk.

A costly joke
A few days after winning her third straight 100m freestyle title, Australia's Dawn Fraser found herself in hot water. Along with others she tried to steal the Olympic flag which was flying above the Imperial Palace. Despite being pardoned by the Emperor himself, she failed to escape the wrath of the Australian federation who banned her for 10 years for what they considered unexplainable and dishonorable behavior in their colours.

Playing Cupid
After the Japanese team's victory in the women's volleyball event, the captain, 31-year-old Masae Kasai, was invited to meet Japan's prime minister, Eisaku Sato. During their meeting, she confessed that, because of the difficult training regime for the Olympics, she had found it hard to meet any men. Sato insisted on helping her, and arranged a meeting with Kazuo Nakamura, whom she later married

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