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 World domination? I'm German, but I didn't say that...and I have no moustache    A tongue-in-cheek Sebastian Vettel responds to media questions as to his ambitions February 3, 2013

 Alonso is constantly involved in politics. I believe we saw the stress he was under towards the end of the season   Helmut Marko criticises Fernando Alonso for his comments during the 2012 season January 9, 2013

 Thanks buddy.. Yep we not all w***ers..   Mark Webber responds to MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow's tweet that he is getting more in to Formula One with typical honesty November 26, 2012

 Right to the end I didn't know if I'd done enough. Trundling along behind the safety car and then dragging over the line was just torture   A relieved Sebastian Vettel after clinching his third drivers' championship in Brazil November 25, 2012

 It was just maximum stress all the way through that race   Red Bull's Christian Horner immediately after the remarkable season final in Brazil November 25, 2012

 With the drivers' championship still in the balance and only a week away we can't afford to get too obliterated tonight   Adrian Newey is determined to keep his mind on the job despite Red Bull taking its third consecutive constructors' championship November 19, 2012

 If he complains, it's too bad   Perennial backmarker Narain Karthikeyan responds to criticism from Red Bull's Adrian Newey after he held up Sebastian Vettel at the US Grand Prix November 18, 2012

 It was incredible how Sebastian came up from the pit lane. He must be the luckiest person in Formula One   The usual good grace in defeat from Lewis Hamilton after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 4, 2012

 Bullshit   Christian Horner responds to yet another question linking Sebastian Vettel with a move to Ferrari October 28, 2012

 It was first-lap nutcase again, Grosjean   Mark Webber with blunt views on Roman Grosjean after being rear-ended in Japan October 7, 2012

 They make a female look low maintenance these days, mate   Mark Webber explains just how difficult it is to set up a modern F1 car September 24, 2012

 It's never ideal to put ourselves on the back foot by shooting ourselves in the foot with some penalties here and there. But it's a long season, it's a marathon and we'll keep boxing   Mark Webber livens up his PR commitments by including as many cliches as possible in an answer July 21, 2012

 We are a world-class team and these guys get their s*** together pretty fast. So I'm pretty relaxed   Mark Webber brushes off any concerns about Red Bull's reliability at recent races July 5, 2012

 Michael is still in the game, I don't think he has lost it   Sebastian Vettel believes Michael Schumacher still has the potential to be a front runner July 2, 2012

 Ultimately the track just kept coming and people kept improving and we got caught with our pants down   Mark Webber describes how he feels to have been knocked out in Q2 during qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix May 12, 2012

 Sergio was flavour of the month last week for the Ferrari drive; now it's me   Mark Webber dismisses speculation that he could be a Ferrari driver next year May 2, 2012

 Sometimes you let some emotion show and I don't think someone should be ashamed about that   Sebastian Vettel holds firm in the cold light of day after his criticism of Narain Karthikeyan at the Malaysian Grand Prix April 4, 2012

 Like on normal roads, you have some idiots driving around. It seems there is also one driving here   Sebastian Vettel loses his cool after contact with Narain Karthikeyan at the Malaysian Grand Prix March 25, 2012

 Obviously, when I was growing up ... [Michael] was my hero. I had posters of him on my wall. And when I got a bit older I took them off and put some other posters on the wall...   Sebastian Vettel admits that he replaced Michael Schumacher with more attractive posters in his bedroom as he grew up March 15, 2012

 You never know where you are until you get to Melbourne and everyone pulls their pants down. Then you can see what they have got and you show what you have got.    Sebastian Vettel is keen to see how he stacks up against his rivals at the opening grand prix March 4, 2012

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